Embrace the Stranger is a photo project exploring connection… and how we pursue it in our lives.

Gwen-Haël Denigot: Touching Humanity

Author of Dictionnaire Passionné du Tango (SEUIL, 2015). Photographed in Paris, 2016.   Tango is half-Argentinian and half-French. Paris has been so important in this back-and-forth between the two countries. There are four key moments in the history of tango when –...

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Celia Meredith: Playing with Celia

Celia Meredith – photographed in Portland, Oregon – August 2016   I met Celia at Tango Queer in Buenos Aires when she was an exchange student. She was the way-out-there woman with the shaved head. I was intimidated and fascinated but eventually fascination triumphed...

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María Carbonetti: The Gaze of the Body

Tango is different from other dances because of the closeness. The connection we develop through the embrace is unique. You have to be attuned to your partner, through your body. It doesn’t happen through your eyes because you only look at your partner before and...

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Magid: El Guerillero

Magid “El Guerillero” – Outdoor Street Milonga Organizer – Photographed at Quais de Seine Milonga, Paris, July 2016 “I like to protect the milonga,” El Guerillero says. He sits in a canvas campaign chair, smoking, smiling gently over the dancers. He is someone whose...

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Soledad Nani: Setting Tango Free

In my home in Buenos Aires, we danced a lot -- everything except tango, that is. But we listened to some tango because my dad is a tanguero. He grew up with the radio so he knows the name of the song, the orchestra and the singer. He knows everything – but he doesn’t...

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Sasha Cagen: Pleasure Polishes a Person

Tango helped me to heal from trauma. I’m interested in putting that out there because I am interested in seeing what comes back. I would like to know if other people have also healed themselves through tango. Tango provided this mirror for me to see myself in relation...

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Maria Carbonetti

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